Theatrical Makeup & Accessories


Professional Stage and Performance Makeup

Ben Nye makeup was specially designed for stage and film performers. All of the products are designed to be easily used by makeup artists, actors, and performers who use cosmetics to create memorable looks. Fun Factory stocks products that conceal, camouflage, color, shimmer, sparkle, highlight or neutralize. The resulting designs remain true and brilliant for hours even under harsh stage lights.

Fun Factory carries a broad range of FX colors and products as well as numerous specialty shades to simulate natural texture and realism. The products we carry will help you bring life to any character for stage or cosplay.

  • Foundations, concealers and contours
  • Blushes and lip liners
  • Liquid latex and spirit gum
  • Nose and scar wax
  • Clown white
  • Finishing powders

Local performance groups such as Academy of Children’s Theater, Richland Players, Mid-Columbia Musical Theater, Rude Mechanicals, and the high school theater departments all depend on Ben Nye products at Fun Factory to create their most memorable looks.

Any product offered through the Ben Nye catalog that is not in stock can be ordered.